WC3L Season XII
WC3L Season XII

2007-11-17 - 2007-11-18

The ESL WarCraft3League Series (WC3L) is one of the most important team leagues in the world. Twelve teams are fighting for the WC3L throne every year again. Since 2002 there were six different champions like 4Kings, mTw, MeetYourMakers or SK-Gaming ofcourse. Right now SK-Gaming is the only team, which was able to attend all seasons and reached the finals every year, except one season. After the first seasons more players from Asia played in the WC3L and bring this league maybe to a new level. European players like Grubby achieved the WC3L player award twice, but now this category is also dominated by players from China or South-Korea. With the increasing pricemoney, players from all over the world, fans cheering and screaming for their team this league is an important part of bringing the esport world more into the public focus.

SK Gaming