WC3L Season XIII
WC3L Season XIII

2008-01-24 - 2008-04-13

The WC3L's thirteenth Season sees the top dogs of Warcraft3 gaming returning in the form of SK Gaming, Meet Your Makers, World Elite and Beijing E-Sports Team. It also heralds an entrance for four European teams Starcoma, Serious Gaming, Hoorai and last season participant MortalTeamWork.

MouseSports, Clan Go and Wicked Gaming (formerly Butterfly Gaming) will be looking to avoid another mid table season while former Four Kings squadron of European players return to Season XIII under a new flag, Pentragram but without their mascot Grubby.

Was SK's return to 1st place after 10 seasons a one hit wonder or will they capitalise on their success by taking another title? Welcome to the WC3L Season XIII coverage which will document SK Gaming's endeavour to do so and their opponents attempts to try and stop them.

SK Gaming