Bloodlust Invitational Tournament #1
Bloodlust Invitational Tournament #1

2008-02-11 - 2008-03-10

Battlegroup Bloodlust's 1st 5vs5 Invitational Tournament.

#battlegroup9 @ or use bg9 vent to organize matches.

message trance for information regarding organization and administration.

Teams/Players[Edit 2/14/08]:
A player can only play for one team and a team can have up to 5 players with 1 substitute. You cannot add/change your class composition after you have played your first match. The substitute has to be of the same class as the original member of the team. Every team will have a contact person who is responsible for arranging and reporting the matches. This contact person should preferably idle at #battlegroup9 @ gamesurge or on bg9 vent so he can be contacted easily by the opposing team.

Everything you can normally use at arena you can use at the tournament, in case of an exploiting please contact an admin. All matches will be played using the "skirmish arena", both teams will queue at the same time and continue doing that until they get to the same arena at the same time(there's not many people playing skirmish 5on5) so it shouldn't take forever. Games will be played best of 5.

Brackets will be generated randomly or seeding the teams according to rating and ladder activity. In double elimination tournaments the team coming from the losers bracket to the final has to win two best of 5 series to win the tournament.

Arranging and reporting the matches:
It's up to teams contact their opposing teams to arrange the matches, if you cannot find a suitable time for both teams contact an admin and we'll sort out a suitable time and date. Both teams must have screenshots of the scoreboards of each game in case of a conflict. The winner of the match should always report the result to an admin.

Every match has a designated date deadline teams must commit to finishing in the appropreite time periods in order for this tournament to run smoothly. If a match isn't sorted by the deadline - an admin will contact the teams, sort out the match and details.

In case of an instance server crash, severe lag conditions, or game-altering disconnect, teams may replay their match. If conditions are too severe during the scheduled match time for 1 hour or more, the match maybe rescheduled for a more suitable time.

Admins - contact:
Trance - [email protected]
Panda - [email protected]

Teams & Seeds:
1. Capslock Crew
2. Shuttlecocks
3. Slackers
4. Fresh out the boat
5. Avant Garde
6. SK-Gaming USA
7. Wat now mothafuka
8. fnatic.Insurrection

SK Gaming