MYM Prime Nations #2
MYM Prime Nations #2

2008-01-27 - 2008-02-29

MYM presents their second nation based tournament where the best players from each country battle for the first spot.

Tournament Format
- Game Version : DotA Allstars v6.48b -XL mode
- Banned Heroes: Storm Spirit, Templar Assassin, Sacred Warrior, Faerie Dragon, Dark Seer, Pit Lord, Undying, Geomancer

16 Teams have been seeded based on previous result in the former MYM Pride Nations. They are automaticly qualified for the next stage and don't have to participate in the qualifier stage.
The Tournament has three stages, a qualifier stage, a group stage and a playoffs stage.
These countries include:
- Estonia
- Spain
- Denmark
- Chile
- Germany
- Turkey
- France
- Korea
- Russia
- Canda
- Sweden
- Finland
- Ukraine
- Greece
- Singapore
- Slovakia

- The Qualifier Stage:
8 Teams will advance to the next stage, after battling their ways in a series of best of one single elimination matchups.
- The Group Stage:
Another series of best ouf of 1, single elimination where the top 2 of each group advance to the playoff stage. The groups will be mixed with seeded and qualified teams. Each group will contain 4 or 5 teams.
- The Playoff Stage:
The winner will be descided in a playoff format, best out of three double elimination.

#1 - 1000 Euro for the winning country & 3 Months CLUB MYM for 10 players
#2 - 500 Euro for the second placed country & 1 Month CLUB MYM for 10 players
#3 - 250 Euro for the third placed country & 1 Week CLUB MYM for 10 players

For more information about the rules check out

The Qualifier Stage is over, the following countries qualified:
- Poland
- Romania
- Belgium
- Israel
- Moldova
- Kazakhstan
- Malaysia

We will be covering the Group Stage and the Playoff Stage.

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