Afreeca Warcraft III League Season 3
Afreeca Warcraft III League Season 3

2008-02-12 - 2008-03-22

While many are still recalling the sensational Grand Final last season where the best Korean league nowadays welcomed June "Lyn" Park as its new champion, the third season of Afreeca Warcraft III League is due to commence on the 12th of February.

Apart from the best four players last season who had already clinched a berth for the upcoming season, the other twelve spots were decided by a series of online qualifications. Two SK players out of three: Seong Deok "SoJu" Lee and Seo Woo "ReiGn" Kang secured their spots and joined the reigning champion June "Lyn" Park in the regular season.

On the contrary, the champion of first season Duck Man "SocceR" Youn, who has been displaying solid performance since his departure from the Chinese powerhouse wNv, fell through in the qualification. Jae Ho "Moon" Jang will also be absent due to his decision to take a break from online league in short term.

Compared to its previous seasons, AWL alters the match system in group stage to double elimination while the playoff remains the same which is single elimination. Afreeca will provide high resolution stream to Korean local via their own internet television for free, however not available for the rest of the world. Fortunately, it is said that the free of charge peer-to-peer software PPStream will air the tournament worldwidely. Follow this link so as to download the software.

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