Level7 Open Cup '08
Level7 Open Cup '08

2008-03-08 - 2008-03-09

A Call of Duty 4 LAN held in the heart of Helsinki, Finland at Level7 gaming cafe. The prize purse includes hardware and cash worth around 4600 euros (1000€ cash) which only interests Scandinavian teams. Due to rather high demand the admins have lifted the amount of teams they are taking in from 16 up to 18 teams, all confirmed teams are Finnish eventhough few Swedish teams signed up but never paid.

The 18 teams will be split into four groups with two groups with four teams and two groups with five teams, two best teams from each one will advance to the eight team double elimination playoffs. Also the schedule is made in the way that the games go on all night, group states start at 9 CET and the last matches start around 00.30 CET. Playoffs are scheduled to start 02.00 CET followed by Grand final at 10.45 CET.

Below is the complete prize distribution:

1st place (Total value 2000€)
- 500€ cash
- 5 x SteelSound 5H gaming headset
- 5 x Ikari Laser gaming mice
- 5 x Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer
- 5 x TSB054EU (Targus Backpack)

2nd place (Total value 1550€)
- 300€ cash
- 5 x Siberia Neckband gaming headset
- 5 x Ikari Optical gaming mice
- 5 x Creative Live! Cam Optia Pro
- 5 x TSB088EU (Targus Backpack)

3rd place (Total value 1050€)
- 200€ cash
- 5 x SteelSound 4H gaming headset
- 5 x Steelseries Qck heavy gaming mouse pad
- 5 x Creative Inspire T10 2.0 speakers
- 5 x TSB081EU (Targus Backpack)

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