ESL Pro Series Season XII Finals


An ESL Pro Series Final without the current champion Dennis "HasuObs" Schneider attending. No one would have thought that a few months ago but he only finished 6th being tied with Miou, insolence and TryDying by points. But apart from that, the two new comers Daniel "XlorD" Spenst and Tim "HLA" Gebel managed to qualify for the finals.

Both played a great season with XlorD finishing first and HLA second during the season. XlorD only lost to insolence while HLA lost to both XlorD and Miou of the attending players but this doesn't mean too much. All the attending players have practiced more and will most likely play some different strategies as they would during the season.

It will be a very interesting Warcraft III final to see if the newer players can stand the pressure and if six-time champion Miou can make a comeback here.

1st - 6.000€
2nd - 3.000€
3rd - 2.000€
4th - 1.000€
5th - 600€
6th - 400€

Attending players

  • ixi
    GermanyixiDaniel Spenst
    1st place: $9469
  • HLA
    GermanyHLATim Gebel
    2nd place: $4735
  • iNSoLeNCE
    GermanyiNSoLeNCEAlexander Hein
    3rd place: $3156
  • miou
    GermanymiouDaniel Holthuis
    4th place: $1578

Upper Bracket


Lower Bracket

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