ESL Pro Series Season XII Finals


Another tournament where the reigning champion is not attending due to not qualifying. Dennis "styla" Schellhase was not able to qualify even though he is the three-time champion. But three out of four participating players are SK players and were practicing throughout the whole season which makes it pretty difficult to pick a favorite. The last one is niLssoN of mTw also playing a great season finishing fourth.

All of them are experienced players while Daniel "hero" Schellhase probably has the most experience of them all, which could favor him. With all of the players are also attending the 5on5 tournament with their teams, it is probably not expected to see any expectional strategies or attacks. Nilsson can be the one to let all of the SK players behind him and may ascend the throne this season.

1st - €3.000
2nd - €1.500
3rd - €800
4th - €400
5th - €200
6th - €100

Attending players

  • hero
    GermanyheroDaniel Schellhase
    1st place: $4735
  • niLssoN
    GermanyniLssoNNils Nolting
    2nd place: $2367
  • Era
    GermanyEraJannik Huber
    3rd place: $1263
  • Crown
    GermanyCrownJoshua Begehr
    4th place: $631

Upper Bracket


Lower Bracket

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