dSLASH cup


A Call of Duty 4 tournament, hostted by the German Call of Duty community site dSLASh.de.

1. Place -5x RAZER Tarantula, 5x Foxconn K8T890M2AB-KRS2H, 2x FSHost Server, 5x Caseking NZXT Rogue Super Cube
2. Place - 5x RAZER Lachesis, 5x Foxconn 45 cm Gehäuse, 1x FSHost Server
3. Place - 5x RAZER Piranha, 5x Foxconn Multi- Card Reader, 1x FSHost Server


- place 1 and 2 of every Group move to Playoffs
- pam_mode codqcup
- 2 maps à 12 rounds per side / first with 25rounds wins
- kniferound to decide map+side, that means winner decides BOTH
- in groupstage mappool is free
- record demo PLUS make and KEEP a screen of pb_plist!
[ This is important, screens can be demanded by adminteam and will result in forfeit if they cannot be shown. so, both teams should make sure they have one.
After Groupstage you will be asked to add all screens of your matches to a .ZIP file and upload them.]

* xx.02.08 Winner Bracket 1 (32 Teams)
* xx.02.08 Winner Bracket 2 (16 Teams) / Lower Bracket 1 (16 Teams)
* xx.02.08 Winner Bracket 3 (eight Teams) / Lower Bracket 2 (16 Teams)
* xx.02.08 Lower Bracket 3 (eight Teams)
* xx.02.08 Winner Bracket 4 (four Teams) / Lower Bracket 4 (eight Teams)
* xx.02.08 Lower Bracket 5 (four Teams)
* xx.02.08 Lower Bracket 6 (four Teams)
* xx.02.08 Winner Bracket Final / Lower Bracket Final
* xx.02.08 Consolation Final und Grand Final

* xx.02.08 Crash (mp_crash)
* xx.02.08 Backlot (mp_backlot)
* xx.02.08 District (mp_citystreets)
* xx.02.08 Strike (mp_strike)
* xx.02.08 Vacant (mp_vacant)
* xx.02.08 Crossfire (mp_crossfire)
* xx.02.08 Backlot (mp_backlot)
* xx.02.08 Crash (mp_crash)
* xx.02.08 Crossfire (mp_crossfire), Strike (mp_strike) & Vacant (mp_vacant

Upper Bracket


Lower Bracket

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