Europe North America DotA Championship
Europe North America DotA Championship

2008-04-06 - 2008-05-01

Competition method: 5 v 5
Game Version : 1.21
Venue: All games MUST be played on GGClient
Match Length: Maximum 2 hours (If game last more than2hours, GG-Game Europe-North America DotA Championship Admin/ Marshal will have the right to stop the game and make final decision of the winner through viewing of replay.)
Match Winner:
The team who destroys the opponent’s throne/world tree first, or if the opponent surrender.
Sign up Restriction:
All players currently staying in Europe and North America(USA and Canada Only) are eligible to register for the tournament.
For International teams, the team can sign up in the region of the qualifier where they need to have at least 3 players from the region to participate every game. The rest players need to accept the host as the host will be from the region where the team signs up.

Signups will be open from Feb 2nd to Feb 15th

Map Version: 6.48b or latest stable version.
Heroes: All heroes can be used.
Game mode:
Qualifier: BO1 until Quarter final. BO3 after Quarter Final.
Group Stage: BO3
Playoff: BO3
All games are in xl mode but type –ap in game

Teams and Players

•A team must have at least 5 players.
•All players have to be added to the team roster to be able to play.
•A player is bound to one team throughout the whole tournament period. Playing for other teams will result in disqualification from the tournament for both teams he played for.


Principle Admin: GG.MaRs
Head Admins:
GG.Killer_Legend,Soth, GG.Frec, GG.Loi_GG, GG.Gnr4ever, Untoto, Man1ak, Snake

Hero Drafting:

Both teams will be allowed to take out 3 heroes from the pool of heroes before drafting starts. This will work based on a1-1-1-1-1-1 format. Teams will have to ban exact 3 heroes without skiping any of their changce. Each team will have 1 minute to decide on removing 1 hero.
One team will remove 1 hero and the next team will remove 1 hero within 1 minute. Team that fail to ban hero within the time allowed will receive1 warning.

In total 6 heroes will be removed. After that teams will start the picking process.

Hero Picking Format: 1-2-2-2-2-1
Team one picks 1 hero and Team Two picks 2 hero. The process will be repeated based on 1-2-2-2-2-1 until Team Two picked last hero.

The team that starts off the drafting will have 1 minute to decide on the 1st hero, after which next team gets 2 minutes to choose their 1st and 2nd hero. As the picking is on 1-2-2-2-2-1 mode, team will have 1minute per hero pick, and 2 minutes per 2-hero picks. This process is repeated until all the heroes are selected.
Team that fail to draft hero within the time allowed will receive 1 warning.

Before and After Game

• Teams leaders should stay in the IRC Channel [email protected] to schedule the games with opponents .
• Teams should bring their hosts for the tournament. If no neutral host is available, ask admin for help to find a neutral host.
• One team can choose side and the other team gets to choose who has first pick or second pick. If the teams are not able chose who is on what side, you can ask an admin for a cointoss.
• If a host has been decided , the match will be played on that particular host unless both teams agree to change.
• Teams should report to Admins about the time of game at least 24 hours before game starts. We will selectively arrange admins, news,streamers, hosts for the game.
• If a team fails to be present within 20 minutes of the scheduled time, you can report to admins to get freewin.

• If a team does not have all 5 players to be present within 20 minutes of the scheduled time, the opponent team can choose to play 5 vs 4 or 4 vs 4. But the team need at least 4 players to start the game.

• All replays must be saved. If the game discs and no replay is available, make sure you take a screenshot and report via email.
• Only Players, Admins, Hosts and Streamers can join the game.Others are not allowed to join the game for any other purposes.

Reporting Game Result

After the game, both teams should save the replay and get the final score screenshot(if game is loaded and no replay available) as evidence, and then winner will need to send it to [email protected]

Replay and screenshot name should be as follows: Team1_vs_Team2_GameNumber(e.g. MYM_vs_VP_3)

Items Restriction

•Each team may only have two Mekansm
•Each team may only have two Necronomicon
•Each team may only have one Refresher Orb
•Each team may only have one Arcane Ring
•Each team may only have in total either
two Eul's Scepter of Divinity OR
two Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse OR
one Eul's Scepter of Divinity and one Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse

Game Play:
Backdooring is allowed. However, instances of teleport abuseare not allowed. You cannot use any form of teleport (furion skill, ignis fatuus, or Boots of Travel) to enter an enemy base UNLESS your creeps are already present in the base. So, for example, teleporting with Boots of Travel onto an ignis fatuus that runs in to backdoor is illegal. Another example is having your teammates backdoor and enters an enemy base and then teleport to your teammates as Furion. This is illegal because your creep wave is not present. Some of these measures have since been restricted in recent map versions in support of this rule.

Sharing of Items

You cannot transfer your item to teammates except the following items. The transfered item cannot be sold by your teamate.

* Clarity Potion

* Tango of Essifation

* Observer Wards

* Sentry Wards

* Scroll of Town Portal

* Flask of Sapphire Water

* Gem of Truesight

* Aegis

* Cheese

•You cannot share your item to teammates except the following items. However the items must be returned to your teamates within 3 minutes.

* Ring of Health

* Ring of Regeneration

* Void Stone

* Sobi Mask

* Perservence

* Chickens/Crow

* Bottle

•You can share control to buy item, but the player with the item from his teamates cannot take any sort of advantage from the item before the item is delivered to the player who purchased it.

Droppable Item:

Items which are dropped from a heo kill or chicken/Crow may be picked up by:
* any enemy player, and the item is now considered his. The enemy hero who picked the dropped item is not allowed to give the item to his allies, he can use it or sell it.
* any ally player, the item is now considered his.
•It is not allowed to suicide on purpose to drop an item for another player

Abuses & Exploitation:

1. Trees Trapping (Disqualification):
Trapping enemies in trees intentionally is not allowed.
2. Pause Abuse (Warning):
During the game, pausing without any valid reason is disallowed.
3. Creep Blocking (Disqualification):
Creep blocking is not allowed but creep slowing is allowed.Blocking here refers to the prolonged blocking of creeps to disrupt their usual path. (ie: Using Chen's creeps to block the entire entrance of the base for along time.) Creep slowing means that you can stop the creeps from moving in their usual path for a few seconds. (ie: Using fissure)
4. Bugs Exploitation (Game Loss):
No Exploitation of any known old or new bug discovered during play. Explanations like "exploiting/activating the bug unknowingly", "we had no idea this bug existed" or similar excuses will not be entertained. Participants/Teams are expected to know what these are.
Examples of Bugs:
Earthshaker using Fissure to target out of the edge of the map results in a fatal error in some instances. Any players found doing this will be disqualified.
5. Item Sharing Abuse (Game Loss)
If players share the items which are not allowed in the list, or the sharable items are not given back within a timely manner, a Game Loss will be given.


Warning : After warning is given games goes on. If a team receives 2 warnings in a single match, it will be counted as game loss.
Game Loss: Game loss given to a team mean the team loses the current match no matter what is the result of that game. A win would be awarded to opponent instead.
Disqualifications: A team disqualified will be ejected from the tournament. They will not be able to continue further in the current event.
If a team receives 5 warnings throughout the tournament, the team will be disqualified from the tournament.

Save Game and Disconnection:

Any team members who intentionally drop out of the game might cause that member's team to be given a game loss for that game. Appeal can be made but decision by the referee will be final.
If any players are disconnected within 10 minutes after game starts then the game has to restart.
When 1st blood happens, the game will be saved once for a back up save game. After the 1st blood every 15 minutes interval, the game will be saved for a back up save game with a different name,or saved after a major clash. Head admins/ admins will have the right to ask players to save game during any period of the game.
Any game disc/crash after 90 minutes will not be continued anymore and a decision will be made by the marshal of that match based on there play of that match.
In the times of a game disc, crash/fatal error, the referee's decision will be final. If the participant has any problems regarding the decision made by the referee, he/she can file a report to the organizers and it will be reviewed by the staff and referees.

A save game is outdated if since the save game:
- Two or more towers/barracks have went down
- A total of 12 or more kills occurred. (Aegis charges lost count as kills)
Game will not continue if a save game is outdated. However if both team agree, the game can be loaded and continue.
If the same player disconnects more than 3 times, then the opposing team may chose to continue the match without him.
It is allowed to use a disconnected hero, but it is not allowed to give his items to other players. No passing, selling or buying item is allowed for that disconnected hero.

These rules are for the GG-Game Europe-North America DotA Championship and are subject to modification in the following aspects:

- Use of most recent patch/version release of each official game within Organizers' own discretion.
- In-game settings and required factors necessitated by use of most recent patch version/release

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