ESWC 2008 Germany Final
ESWC 2008 Germany Final

2008-04-19 - 2008-04-21

ESWC Germany Grand Final in Dortmund in Counter-Strike 1.6 male and female, Warcraft III, Quake III and Trackmania Nations. The teams and players qualified through several on- and offline qualifiers. Everyone participating at the ESWC Germany will need to be at least 18 years old which already forced teams to change their lineup.

The top 2 teams in Counter-Strike 1.6 male, Quake III and Trackmania Nations will go to the Grand Final while only the first placed in Warcraft III will go to the Grand Final. The second spot is being determined at the "Role Play Convention" taking place in Münster at the 26th and 27th April 2008.

All tournaments are being played in a Double-Elimination which means a team can lose once but will still have a chance to qualify through the Lower Bracket. Some teams and players already announced their absence from the qualifier which are Miou and BasH for Warcraft III. Miou would not have enough time playing the Intel Friday Night Game and then being on time in Dortmund for the tournament start while BasH is sick.

In Counter-Strike the a-Losers won't attend due to having payment problems and the players aren't willing to pay the trip themself again. This is also the reason for mousesports picking up bara to play the tournament since cyx is 17 years only (remember being 18 for the ESWC Germany, not for the ESWC Grand Final). Earlier mousesports qualified with loomit and picked him up as their sixth but then decided to choose bara to play for them being way more active than loomit with playing the actual ESL Pro Series Season XII.

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