WC3L Season XIV Qualification


Important information for all participating teams
- During the qualification a player may once change his team. If he changes the team a second time he may not play for the rest of the qualification.

- Penalty Points for missing gameaccounts will be given starting at Thursday, May 8th, 0:01 CET - see WC3L rules 2. h/i

- A player may face a team only once. This means that he cannot play against the same team twice in two different clans.

- A total of 2 wildcards is given to each team. The wildcards may be used to postpone a single game in one clanwar. Contrary to the regular WC3L season its possible that one team uses 2 wildcards for one clanwar. If a clanwar is won or lost before all 5 matches have been played, the teams don't have to continue the war.

- All matches of Playday 1 need to be scheduled until Wednesday (May 7th) at 11:59pm CET and played between Thursday (May 8th) and Sunday (May 18th) 11:59pm CET at the very latest. Both teams have to tell an admin about the fixed date at least 24 hours before the match should start.

- Penalty points are awarded as a result of missing replays or other minor infractions of the WC3L's rules. When a team gets 3 or more penalty points it loses a wildcard. If no wildcard is left the team autoloses a match randomly selected by the admins. If a team gets 5 penalty points it will be removed from the tournament.

- A player has to be added to the teamroster by 11:59pm the day before the new playday begins in order to be able to participate in the next playday. Please note that adding a new player to your roster also means that we require you to send us all the information about him (full name,residence, clanhistory, accomplishments, ladder profile, replay-pack, etc.).

- For rule XI.c. the seeding in the tourney-grid will be used as ranking. Otherwise the current WC3L rules apply.

Week 1: 08.05. - 18.05.
Week 2: 19.05. - 28.05.
Week 3: 29.05. - 04.06.
Week 4: 05.06. - 11.06. (2 teams qualified)
Week 5: 12.06. - 18.06.
Week 6: 23.06. - 29.06. (4 teams qualified)

Upper Bracket

SK Gaming