Averatec Classic 2008 Season 2


After the monstrous Lee "Jaedong" Jae Dong of Lecaf Oz finishing off Lee 'Flash' Young Ho of KTF MagicNs with a stunning win of 3-0 in the final of the first season, GOMTV continues to present the second season of Averatec Classic 2008.

The second season will run from September 21 for 18 weeks and will be played every Sunday except September 23 and 30 at the GOM Studios in Mokdong, South Korea.

The whole season is a compact single elimination best of three playoffs, with the exception for the overall final, which is opted for best of five. Top 32 players from KeSPA's September ranking being seeded into Round 64, while the non-seeded players will have to fight their way into Round 64 from Round 256.

GOMTV will usually announce the matches of the upcoming match day as well as the maps 6 days ahead of time. We will also be updating the schedule here as soon as possible.

Just like Season 1 which was enjoyed by people from around 190 countries, Nick "Tasteless" Plott will continue to provide English commentary this season.

Map pool
Chupung Ryong
Neo Requiem
Raid Assault
Sword in the Moon

Prize distribution
1. USD 35,000
2. USD 12,000
3-4. USD 8,000
5-8. USD 3,500

Player with longest winning streak will also receive USD 8,000

Attending players

  • Bisu
    South KoreaBisuTaek Yong Kim
    1st place: $35000
  • JangBi
    South KoreaJangBiHeo Yeong Moo
    2nd place: $20000
  • free
    South KoreafreeYong Tae Yoon
    3-4th place: $8000
  • sKyHigh
    South KoreasKyHighByung Se Jo
    3-4th place: $8000
  • BackHo
    South KoreaBackHoSon Chan Woong
    5-8th place: $3500
  • BeSt
    South KoreaBeStJae Wook Doh
    5-8th place: $3500
  • Flash
    South KoreaFlashYoung Ho Lee
    5-8th place: $3500
  • Mind
    South KoreaMindSung Gyoon Park
    5-8th place: $3500
  • BaBy
    South KoreaBaByJun Tae Yang


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