ZOTAC WarCraft III Cup #75


Players have to sign up by 14:30 CET and check in by 15:00 CET. A draw will determine who each of 512 players will play against in the first round, with ties decided by one match until Quarter-finals. Both Quarter-finals and Semi-finals will be played on best of three basis, while the Final will be on best of five basis.

Live stream
- Garena TV
- Waaagh!TV

Map pool
Ancient Isles
Death Trap
Echo Isles
Melting Valley
Sercret Valley
Snow Drop
Terenas Stand
Turtle Rock
Twisted Meadows

Map order
1st round: Terenas Stand
2nd round: Ancient Isles
3rd round: Secret Valley
4th round: Melting Valley
5th round: Turtle Rock
6th round: Death Trap
7th round: Echo Isles
8th round: Snow Drop
9th round: Twisted Meadows

Prize pool
1. €100

Notable players this week
Samuli 'Elfittaja' Sihvonen
Hyo Sub 'FoCuS' Eom
Dae Hui 'FoV' Cho
Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen
Vadim 'KPECT' Erokhov
Fredrik 'KnOfF' Knopf
June 'Lyn' Park
Jin Wook 'Rohjinwook' Roh
Jong Seok 'ReprisaL' Lee
Juha-Matti 'Satiini' Bäckström
Chul Woo 'Shy' Park
Deok Man 'SocceR' Youn
Sung Hyun 'Space' Park
Artem 'Tresh' Mosyakin
Juan 'VortiX' Moreno Durán

Attending players

  • Lyn
    South KoreaLynJune Park
    1st place: $127
  • EfFeCt
    SwedenEfFeCtArild Bramler
  • Grubby
    NetherlandsGrubbyManuel Schenkhuizen


South KoreaLyn


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