SK Gaming HoN Tournament #1
SK Gaming HoN Tournament #1

2011-02-27 - 2011-04-10

Rules & Regulations

Sign-up period: February 10th - February 20th
Qualifier: February 26th
Group Stage (6 matches per team): March 1st - March 13th
All dates are subject to change until official announcement of each stage.

In-Game settings
Game Mode: Banning Pick
Map: Forest of Caldavar
Team Size: Five versus Five
Advanced Game Options: Tournament Rules

Server Settings
- the teams host the game on a mutually agreed server
- if the teams can not agree on a server, the tournament admin will force a ruling
- if the tournament admin is not present, teams are to follow the below "suggested server choice"
- in case of continental difference and inability to find a "middle ground" server, during the group stage of the tournament each team has the server advantage once
- pick order is determined by /roll 100, the winning team gets to choose the pick order
- the team with the server disadvantage gets to pick the side (legion/hellbourne) by default
- in case of even server the sides (legion/hellbourne) alternate

Suggested server choice for group stage:
SEA vs USA - JPN server
SEA vs EU - USW server
SEA vs Russia - alternate USW/USE
USW vs EU - USE server
USW vs Russia - alternate USE/EU(UK)
USE vs EU - alternate USE/EU
USE vs Russia - EU(UK) server
South America vs EU/Russia - USE server
AUS vs USA - JPN server or alternate AUS/USW
AUS vs EU - USW or USE server

Suggested server choice for playoffs:
SEA vs USA - USW server
SEA vs EU - USW server
SEA vs Russia - alternate USW/USE, roll for third
USW vs EU - USE server
USW vs Russia - alternate USE/EU, roll for third
USE vs EU - alternate USE/EU, roll for third
USE vs Russia - EU server
South America vs EU/Russia - USE server

Tournament Structure

Group Stage
- 4 groups of 4 teams.
- 2 seeded teams will be randomly placed in each group
- 2 qualified teams will be randomly placed in each group
- Each team plays their group opponents twice
- 2 teams from each group advance to playoffs
- the tiebreaker are the result of the 2 matches the tied teams played. If that is also a tie, the total number of hero kills in all matches the teams played during the group stage will be used as a decider

- 8 teams, 2 from each group
- 1st placed teams from group stage will play 2nd placed teams, the way the groups connect will not be announced until all group stage matches have been played in order to prevent manipulation
- BO3 single elimination

Eligible players

- Teams must use players that they have registered for the tournament
- Teams are allowed to use 1 ringer out of the pool of players they have registered if:
1. The opposing team agrees
2. The admin has been notified at least 24 hours in advance
- The ringer may not be a registered player for any of the other teams that participate in the tournament
- Once a ringer plays for one of the teams he may not ring for any other team that participates in the tournament
- Using smurf accounts, lending or borrowing accounts for ringing is not allowed

- Players must use English when typing in public chat
- Spectators are not allowed, except for the tournament admin and approved casters/cameramen
- Players that are participating in the tournament are not allowed to livestream their matches without a delay in place
- Remake is not allowed if you miss-picked or if a team wants to replace a player
- Teams that don't show up for their play time will be disqualified. At this point the other team will receive a bye for the round. The team that was disqualified will also be banned from our next tournament. Teams are allowed to be late a maximum of 30 minutes.
- Excessive flaming, trolling, spamming or any other form of bad manners by any player will result in:
1. if an admin is observing the game:
- a warning
- a disqualification of the team who's member is doing it
2. if an admin is not observing the game:
- the team that suffered above mentioned bad manners from the opposing team can report such behavior to the admin after the game
- in case that the admin confirms such behavior took place he can either give the team a warning or directly disqualify the team
- It is not allowed to block creeps from reaching their destination (e.g. blocking base entrance) with the help of spells such as fissure.
- pulling legion mid lane creeps to the nautral creep camps is not allowed
- pulling hellbourne bottom lane creeps to the ancient neutral creep camp is not allowed
- Deliberate use of sudden bugs or exploits may cause your team to be disqualified.
- No item restrictions
- The sharing of basic regeneration items, wards, consumables, and gems is allowed.
- The following items can not be shared indefinitely: Bottle, Lifetube, Manatube, Sustainer, Scarab, and Trinket of Restoration.
- Backdooring: Players are not permitted to attack any buildings within an enemy base without initially first clearing out all enemy creeps beyond that point in the given lane of entry. Once the first, second, and third tier towers and barracks have been destroyed within one lane inside the base, the lane is considered pushed and players may remain anywhere inside the base and attack as they so desire. Any towers outside of the bases (first and second tier) may be attacked at anytime.
- The match ID must be submitted by one of the teams to [email protected], posted on the match screen on or by contacting Kolapz in-game

These rules can change at any time. It is the players responsibility to read and stay up to date with the tournament rules. Breaking any of the rules is grounds for either a warning or immediate disqualification.

Since the tournament has only one administrator, I would like to ask the teams for maximum cooperation and minimum drama.

Teams can contact the admin (Kolapz):
- in-game, either by whisper/IM or by joining the channel /j skhon
- [email protected]

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