SK Gaming Trophy March
SK Gaming Trophy March

2012-03-23 - 2012-03-24

Professional: 16 teams, single elimination bracket. Round 1 Best of 1 - all other rounds Best of 3. Server: European West

Amateur: 64 teams, single elimination bracket. Round 1 to 4 Best of 1, Semi Final and Final Best of 3. Server: European West

The teams have to be there 10 minutes before the game starts and join a lobby. The teams must wait until an admin allows them to start banning.

Tournament Draft Mode used for bans and picks.

If one team is incomplete after 10 minutes the opposing team receives a win.

The game continues if a player disconnects. The player must return as soon as possible and rejoin the game.

If a team wants to take a pause which is longer than 2 minutes while the game is running they have to ask the opposing team.
Unpausing without a "go" from both teams will be punished.

The winning team has to take a screenshot of the post-game VICTORY lobby.

Each team has 15 mins between games to prepare for the next opponent.

Cheating leads to a disqualification from the a tournament and ban from future tournaments hosted by SK Gaming.

The spectator mode can be used, if both teams agree. Referees / official gamecasters are always given priority.

In the case of an unforeseen event and/or extenuating circumstance, admins have the ability to override any rule and or enforce any policy necessary in order to preserve the integrity of the tournament.

Settings - All Games
Team Size: 5
Game Type: Tournament Draft Mode
Map: Summoner's Rift

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