SKRobotic [WanFy, Alpi, Frenkyy, Morpheus, hEny, keke, jaro]
CZiNsane e-sports [Lov3c, jRi, Ultras, 2nd, hEny, berry]
CZexZenie [Spirit, censored, phill, hEny, 5th]
CZeSentia [Fery, Eure, Alex.k, hEny, LogeN]
CZnEbbia [Fery, WOOLFIK, WareaN, hEny, Wargen]
CZNecroraisers [In staff and support player]
CZFraggedby [Creat1ve, nerv, hEny, Scree, Beyblade]
SKDOG Soldiers [Ent1k, hEny, BetoN, Str1ke, DiamonD]
PLhazzard-unit.com [silver, notr, c1chy, mare, hEny, ars]
CZteam CONFIS [In staff]
SKDev1.sk [Manager]
HUteamwork.qpad [In staff]
PLD-Link PGS [Externe Agent]
HUguys.Not.ugly [Externe Agent]
DEMeet Your Makers [Externe Agent]
SKMicro [orbit, WhiSkY, will, hEny, uno, giotive, X-RaY]
SKeast [WhiSkY, Jergus, hEny, uno, giotive, X-RaY]
PLex-mYm ex-WICKED [Externe Agent]
DKSpirit of Amiga [Externe Agent]
SKsuicide [baf0, StaN, nim, uno, benq1, X-Ray, hEny]
SKe-Ministry [uno, benq1, X-Ray, hEny, gio, will]
SKAVENGERS [uno, benq1, X-Ray, hEny, gio, kap1]
CZnEophyte [In staff]
SKAuthority Gaming [kap1, benq1, StaN, j0sse, hEny, enorm, zango]
SKfofos gaming.sk [kap1, benq1, StaN, j0sse, enorm, hEny]
SKFofos Gaming SGC [kap1, benq1, baf0, j0sse, nim, hEny]
SKONEFRAG [MoOnTy, sniper, slaYer, wirus, hEny, BajoOoz0Rd, Blooder]


5 years experience in the field of Management. Action in most of Europe organizations and contribute to the development and implementation of pan-European projects. Negotiations with European corporations such as AMD and Slovnaft - Fuel corporation with a majority share in the supply of fuel in Central and Eastern Europe. - Very good relations.

For example: Necroraisers.AMD, Spirit of Amiga, team CONFIS, teamwork.qpad, illusion-pictures, Meet Your Makers, D-Link PGS, gNu, project Players With Heart in cooperation with fu.sk GotFrag and SK-Gaming

Creating new projects to reach the community, e-sport consultant, conduct of negotiations with investors and partners, searching for new players and sections, PR manager, personal agent and marketing coordinator.

Very good knowledge of written English. Good communicative speech.

Current team:

CZnEophyte - In Staff

¤ Crosshair Size: Small
¤ Crosshair Color: Green
¤ Zoom Sensitivity: 0.8
¤ Sensitivity: 1.55
¤ Resolution: 640x480
¤ OS sensitivity: 3/11
¤ Monitor Refresh: 75Hz
¤ Mouse Refresh: 5ooHz
¤ Digital Vibrance: 15%
¤ Viewsize: 120
¤ Mouse DPI: 1600
¤ GUI: none
¤ Volume: 0.2
¤ Cvars: -w 640 -h 480 -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -freq 75 -32bpp -noaafonts
__Update: 21.may 2011

~ Countries Visited ~
FR France
HR Croatia
DE Germany
RS Serbia
BA Bosna & Hercegovina
HU Hungary
SK Slovakia
ES Spain
SI Slovenia
AT Austria
IT Italy
CH Switzerland

SK Gaming