They all fell in ony line :D:D

Greed Editor.


The past:


SE Assistant Content Manager (SC2)
DE Mousesports
RU StarCraft journalist.
US FR league manager / newsmaker.
DM StarCraft / DotA journalist.
RU multigame journalist.
RU multigamer journalist.
SE SK-Gaming multigame journalist
RU WarCraft 3 journalist.
RU multi-game journalist.


RU All Aggression (shortly [a2]) team founder, co-leader and manager. TOP4 of Russian StarCraft teams of all time.

UZ stOrm Multigaming ( - TOP1 various games in the country (Uzbekistan).
Consisted of CS, WC3, DotA, FIFA and NFS divisions.

UZ RU PinCho WINGS - an Uzbekistan CS team based on Storm.lan, part of PinCho Penguins club (

UZ Storm (, an Uzbekistan CS team. Most successfull Uzbek CS team in the history of the country.


KZ Arbalet League September 2008 - 1st place
Teams defeated: all KZ teams and k23 in the final.

KZ Arbalet Cup April 2009 - 1st place
Teams defeated: PL, Sky, k23 in the final.

UA DTS Cup Ukraine May 2009 - 9th place
Teams played with: Virtus.Pro (lost 8:16), DTS.chatrix (lost 13:16), tp.uSports (lost 9:16).

KZ Arbalet Cup August 2009 - 4th place
Teams played with: Virtus.Pro (won 16:8, 16:13), KerchNET (lost 8:16, draw 15:15), PL (won 16:2, 16:3), k23 (lost 1:16, 10:16), forZe (won 16:8, lost 15:19, lost 8:16).

UA Arbalet Ukraine - top 7-8
RU Arbalet Asia - top7-8
RU Arbalet SNG Cup - top5-6.


Nikka "episode" Ibragimovich
Server "cEKKA" Kerimov
Thomas "Thommes" Yasyukyavichyus
Timur "JTX" Nizamov
Kamal "Archiello" Abdukadirov


I am still striving to prove that it doesn't matter which country a man is from to be good.
I am still believing that it's all about skills and respect.
Wish me luck ;)

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