Thats what happens when PRO Counter-Strike player get laged


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Have been involved in „Electronic Sports" for around five years, with the last three focused purely on developing and maintaining high standards in gaming until I decided that there is no point to do such thing in Baltics. Creater and player of team Quaint.

In memory of Quaint - phano Veeker daG Neks kamilka psich feikas eddor Guppy FensteR zhyGis dARKIe ouch w0w edu


SteelSeries KoTH Russia

LT Quaint -vs- UA KerchNET
de_inferno [16:12]; de_dust2 [13:16]; de_train [22:19]

LT Quaint -vs- UA DTS
de_inferno [8:16]; de_train [16:13]; de_dust2 [16:12]

LT Quaint -vs- RU forZe
de_train [16:11]; de_dust2 [16:1]

LT Quaints -vs- RU Islanders
de_inferno [16:13]; de_tuscan [16:6]

LT Quaint -vs- UA A-gaming
de_dust2 [7:16]; de_train [16:5]; de_nuke [19:17]

LT Quaint -vs- RU forZe
de_train [7:16]; de_dust2 [16:12]; de_nuke [16:12]

RU tp.uSports -vs- LT Quaint
de_dust2 [5:16]; de_inferno [10:16]

Officially LT Quaint was the 1st team in SteelSeries KoTH history to become half of fame member

Countries I have visited:

LT Mainly everything
LV Riga, Daugavpils
RU Kaliningrad, Krasnadar, Moscow
UK London, Dover, Portsmouth, Brighton, Manchester
IE Dublin
FR Paris, Lille
NL Antwerp, Amsterdam
BE Brussels
DE Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne
PL Warsaw
TH Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi
CD Siem Reap, Phnom Penh
VN Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang, Mui Ne
PH Manila
MT Malta
ES Barcelona
RO Bucharest

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