ace vs ydk?me @ Clanbase Eurocup XIII

Song: Sigma - stronger


Some old clips
ACES nookbrid 2011-2012 fragmovie
nookbrid vs ydk?me - Clanbase XIII
nookbrid vs HeadshotBG - BECSL II
nookbrid vs MOJO - Dreamhack Winter 2011 Qualifier
nookbrid vs Poker-Service - Dreamhack 2010 Qualifier
nookbrid vs - PCW
nookbrid vs Gespot! - The Party 9
nookbrid vs Serbia - CB Nationscup
nookbrid vs Delinquent habits - PCW
nookbrid vs Duellum - Gamegune 2010
nookbrid vs IGG Romania CS:GO

nookbrid vs DELTA.BenQ - uyR Zowie cup Final (pov demo)
nookbrid vs - Clanbase Eurocup (pov demo)
vs - GameGune 2010



Team Belgium


CS:GO Settings
6/11 accel off (m_rawinput 1)
2.6 sensitivity with -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -freq 100
Zowie AM-FG 450 dpi @ 500hz with SteelSeries Qck+
800x600 with cl_crosshairsize 3.5 or 2.5, cl_crosshairgap -2

1.6 Settings
6/11 windows sensitivity, accel off
2.6 sensitivity with -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -freq 100
640x480 with Small dynamic 1 crosshair
Zowie AM-FG 450dpi @ 500hz with Steelseries Qck+
nvidia settings:
3D Settings
Color Settings

played for
hypersky! - (conweL influenza Jadzia Itchie)
rodcad - (conweL influenza xaviii sFx mess, michiel wakka)
cebrenis - (ciseta michiel gotek sFx)
oun - (ciseta michiel gotek wakka hybrid sFx)
TEK9 Networks - (ciseta michiel sFx hybrid wakka duncan)
LowLandLions - (Apollo duncan deki Spacey)
Antwerp Aces - (ciseta monu nunji duncan Apollo DeKMaTcHeR STRYKER)
KaoS - (DeKMaTcHeR PatrikPark monu nunji)
Team Belgium - (Apollo Bax ciseta duncan deki michiel)

International events attended
FR Miage LAN Orléans, France (with TEK9)
DE World Cyber Games 2008 Cologne, Germany (with TEK9)
SE Dreamhack Winter 2009 Jonkoping, Sweden (with rodcad)
SE Dreamhack Summer 2010 Jonkoping, Sweden (with Antwerp Aces)
ES GameGune 2010 Bilbao, Spain (with Antwerp Aces)
SE Dreamhack Winter 2010 Jonkoping, Sweden (with Antwerp Aces)
FR ESWC 2011 Paris, France (with Antwerp Aces)

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