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National player of SerbiaRS
- CB NC Season XIII
- CB NC Season XI - captain
- CB NC season VIII
- ESL ENC season I
- ESL ENC season II

Last Achievement: [email protected] kGGaming Tournament (PlayMore) 27.08.2011


RS[email protected] kGGaming Tournament 2011(PlayMore)
RS[email protected] WCG 2010 Quali Serbia 2010 (PlayMore)
RS[email protected] Lazarevac Open 2010 ( iNation mix )
RS[email protected] SARAC LAN 2010 (jAJATORE.mix)
RS[email protected] Topola LAN 2010 (PlayMore)
RS[email protected] Catacomb BODC #3 2010 (PlayMore)
EU[email protected] uyR 5on5 NightCup v198 2010(sNAGA)
RS[email protected] Selo Crew Tournamen 2010t (PlayMore)
RS[email protected] BelleAmie Tournament 2010 (PlayMore)
RS[email protected] Cyber Shark Open Cup 2010 (PlayMore)
RS[email protected] Matrix Gaming Volume 2 2010 (PlayMore)
RS[email protected] KGB Cooler Master Winter 2010 (PlayMore)
RS[email protected] 3D Cafe Open Season 2 2010 (PlayMore)
RS[email protected] KGT Tournament 2009 (4glory)
RS[email protected] WCG Quali 2008 Cologne (neWave)
RS[email protected] SEC Quali Belgrade 2006 CS:S Hannover(KGB Team)
EU[email protected] European Cyber League 2005 (KGB Team)
RS[email protected] AMD Cyber Cup Quali Serbia 2005 (KGB Team)
HU[email protected] GPS #6 2005 (KGB Team)
RS[email protected] ESWC Qualifer Serbia 2005(KGB Team)
RS[email protected] KGB CS:Source Tournament 2005 (KGB Team)
RS[email protected] Escape #1 Tournament 2004 (KGB Team)
RS[email protected] Kragujevac Tournament 2004 (KGB Team)
RS[email protected] Stara Pazova LAN 2003 (MetroNet)
RS[email protected] ART LAN 2003 (MetroNet)
RS[email protected] EXS League Championship 2005 (KGB Team)
RS[email protected] KGB Winter League Online 2008 (4Glory)
RS[email protected] TerraNet Winter League 07/08 (4Glory)
RS[email protected] 24h.cup Online (c0nfy & ex Advance)
EU[email protected] #prof-esports cup (KGB Team)
EU[email protected] uyR 5on5 NightCup 86 (sNAGA)
EU[email protected] #findcup (Mix)
RS [email protected] EXDG Online Tournament Season 2 (neWave)
RS1st/[email protected] Krusevac Tournament(KGB Team)
RS[email protected] CoRe Tour Pancevo 2008 ( eX - hybaa , vlada , andr1aTJM , maxa )
RS[email protected] AI Gaming Grounds Volume 1 2008 (sMk)
RS[email protected] ESWC Quali Serbia 2006 ( KGB Team)
RS[email protected] WCG 2006 Quali Serbia Monza ( gplanet )
RS[email protected] Core Serbian cup #1 (sMekeri)
RS[email protected] Core Serbian cup #2 (eX mix)
RS[email protected] KGB National Cup 2004(KGB Team)
MK[email protected] Insomnia Winter Cup 2005(KGB Team)
RS[email protected] Platoplus Invitational 2005 (KGB Team)
RS[email protected] ESL Metro National Cup 2005 (KGB Team)
RS[email protected] KGB Championship 2004(KGB Team)
RS[email protected] SEC Qual Serbia 2005 Hannover (KGB Team)
RS[email protected] TOP 8 Serbia (KGB.CMSTORM)
RS[email protected] Dreamhack Winter 2009 Quali Serbia (eu4ia)
RS[email protected] Nis Open 2009 (neWave.3D)
RS[email protected] Core Serbian Cup #3 2009 (neWave.3D)
RS[email protected] Relax Tournament 2009 (neWave.3D)
RS[email protected] kode5 2009 Quali Serbia (neWave.3D)
RS[email protected] WCG 2007 Quali Serbiai Seattle (sMk)
RS[email protected] WCG CS:S Singapure Qual Serbia 2005 (KGB Team)
CZ[email protected] AMD Cyber Cup 2005 (KGB Team)
RS[email protected] Level LAN 2003 (MetroNet)
RS[email protected] Catacomb LAN 2003 (KGB Team)
RS[email protected] ESL EMI Season 1 2005 (KGB Team)
RS[email protected] PlayZone LAN 2003 (MetroNet)
RO[email protected] CPL Qual Romania 2004(KGB Team)
US[email protected] WCG 2004 San Francisco(KGB Team)
FR[email protected] ESWC 2005(KGB Team)

DE[email protected] SEC Hannover 2006 ceBIT CS:S (KGB Team)
DE[email protected] WCG Cologne 2008 (neWave)

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My gaming history:
- MetroNet ( c0nfy , ghost , IGI , COMMA , MAO )
- KGB-Team ( c0nfy , hybaa , vlada , COMMA , mali Zen )
- sMk (c0nfy , Maxa , Nap4sT , DYLE , saLe )
- 4Glory ( c0nfy , philip , mileta , mali Zen , HeaveN )
- neWave ( c0nfy , k1ng0r , vlada , COMMA , hybaa )
- eu4ia ( c0nfy , SOBLE , Laquila , Voodoo , dejan J. )
- PlayMore ( c0nfy , g0g1 , hybaa , k1ng0r , Zeus & vlada )


Config updated : 27.11.2011
Status: inactive since 9.9.2010

CS settings

Sensitivity: 1.6 6/11 line in win -noforce commands
Resolution: 640x480
Crosshair: Large dynamic 0
Radar: Solid


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