Video clips of Jang Jae "Moon" Ho in the Grand Final of WCG.


Lawrence "Malystryx" Phillips
- Former Razer Editor & SK Gaming Editor-in-Chief

English Teacher at Shandong University, Jinan, China.

Events for Razer [2011 - 2012]
CN ChinaJoy 2011
KR WCG 2011
DE Extreme Masters Global Finals

Razer Articles
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Razer Videos
KRRazer @ WCG Day One
KRRazer @ WCG Day Two
KRRazer @ WCG Day Three
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Events for SK Gaming [2008-2009]
DE SK 10th Anniversary - Journalist/Commentator
DE IFNG Cologne - Commentator
DE NGL-One Finals - Journalist
DE Samsung European Championships - Commentator
UK CGS Birmingham UK/Euro Draft - Journalist
FR ESWC Masters - Journalist
UK London Games Festival - Tourist
DE World Cyber Games - Journalist

DE Extreme Masters EU/Global Finals
UK i36
CN WC3L XV Finals
KR e-Stars
CN Extreme Masters Chengdu
CN World Cyber Games 2009

SK Gaming Articles/Features
UK E-Sports Journalism: Quality over Quantity?
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Events for Clanbase [2005-2006]
DK ClanBase EuroCup XIII
NL ClanBase EuroCup XI

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