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- Resolution: 1024x768
- Color quality: 32-bit
- Refresh rate: 75Hz
- Gamma: 3
- Brightness: 2
- Sensitivity: 2
- GUI: none (default CS)
- Crosshair color: Yellow
- Crosshair size: Medium
- Dynamic crosshair: off
- Radar type: solid
- Launch options: -freq 75
- cl_updaterate: 101
- cl_cmdrate: 101
- rate: 25000

About cfg's

Don't try mine DONT TRY ANYTHING OF THOSE GUYS because you don't play better. Okay let's say you download f0rest cfg then in game you get more confidience THATS why you playing better, not cfg thats is the secret CONFIDENCE and MENTALITY this is a key to success. After one day your skill will gone why ? Because in the next video you will see good frags who says "updated cfg" and then you start downloading next cfg. You play 30 minutes and your confidence will apear. So you need only default cfg if you want to always confidence yourself. Let's say you playing in LAN and you get the default game so what you will gonna do know ? Go start download f0rest cfg again ? While seeing all other players ? They will laugh from you. But if you play only with default cfg in LAN matches you will have good Mentality and Confidence. I don't know if you understood this shit what I write because my english is not really good thanks.

SK Gaming